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gotta change my name.... :/

I gotta change my url name in tumblr... DD: because I suddely hate Justin Bieber DD:

oh, my old tumblr name is yourfavoritegirl

suggestions pwease?? :3 I'll make you a fanfic of your given pair if I choose your suggestion! xD *bricked*insert comment here = ulzzang &heartsCollapse )

finished! :D

just got hom from the Mall.. :( so tired... *whines* i finished coloring mythos! :D

to the puriitiii pixures! :3Collapse )

finished my mythos dawing! yayz! :D


so YAYYY!! *flails* 2nd post of the day! :D

I finished coloring my Mythos drawing, and I must say, I liked the outsome of it! XD

I'll be posting theme tomorrow since my toothie hurts :(( and it's almost midnight XD

if you want me to draw any anime characters or sumthin like SANAZAWA, just give me a picture and I'll try to draw it! :D
prefers anime characters more than real ppls :|

so well... um... goodnight...?? XDD

mythos/mythos :)

ok... i didn't draw sanazawa because i need motivation :(( *is depressed* and I haven't seen Kishi for a LLOOOONNNGGGG tim! :(( *bawls*

mytho! go! ♥Collapse )

hiatus :| WAS

ok, i was on hiatus.. too bored to post :|

i was also bored to post my fic of Hokuto on my Lj.. :| you know
"Dream Girl"? and the document where I typed the 2nd part got deleted,, stupid big brother *cries*

chap 1

OMFG!!!!!! O.OCollapse )

Through Love (one-shot)

I finally made a one-shot for Kishi's b-day! XD its soooo late! D;

Through Love...Collapse )

finally updated :D

ok.. so.. haven't updated in.. like... 6 weeks?? D;
I've been so busy with School D;

c Ecielle halatang nagpapapansin sken! :D

soooo.... I found this picture..

surprise, surpriseCollapse )


for some reason, I got addicted to DBSK again, all because I just saw Heero Jae Joong's stupid handsome face on my coputer screen :D;

but, anyway, in't this kid the cutest hunny bunch?? he looks like a darling :D

onto the hunny bunch :DCollapse )



I'm sick and I think I'm a pedophile :D;